4 Predictions About The Future of eCommerce (2020)

Right now, everyone with a little insight into the online world knows that the future of e-commerce is bright.

At this stage, keeping in view all the statistics, the revenue generated over the past 3 years, and the current situation of the e-commerce industry, no one can say that the e-commerce business is going to end.

At least not for the next two decades because if you think about it, it will all make sense to you that online shopping is all about ease, convenience, and options, plenty, and plenty of options!

Almost all the brick and mortar outlets have now established some kind of an online retail store because they are failing to attract the local customers who physically come to their store and make a purchase.

Even if it’s some medicine, people now prefer ordering it online or using some online service to get it delivered to their doorstep.

For someone who wants to be a part of this industry (which is a wise thing to do), here are some predictions about the future of eCommerce;

1- Mobile Responsiveness Will Be Imperative

It’s not a prediction anymore; in fact, it’s a necessity now that all the online retailers have to make sure that they are easily accessible to their mobile customers.

More than half of the online buyers access different shopping sites and stores using their phones. So this makes it pretty clear that if you want to increase your commerce sales, you’ve got to cater your phone audience who uses tablets, smartphones, and other such devices to order products online.

2- The Rise Of B2B eCommerce

The digital technology is growing at a rapid pace, and so are the online buyers, and this means that the B2B eCommerce retail is and will outperform the B2C eCommerce.

3- AI Technology On The Rise

It’s already happening! With artificial intelligence, business owners are working on improving their customer experience, and that’s what’s helping them with business development.

Customers are now able to see custom ads that are just in accordance to what they search on the internet on a daily basis.

The point is that the time is near when AI will take over the eCommerce industry because it’s proving to be quite useful.

It’s obvious that when people will be shown ads that are of their interests, they will shop more on the internet and that’s how businesses will generate massive revenues.

4- Video Content Will Rule

People prefer watching videos of the products that they want to buy online. Yes, there was a time when all that mattered was the picture of the product and its quality, but now, business owners have to focus on their videography skills. The better the video, the more the sales will be.

These are some of the predictions for the e-commerce industry, and if you look around, you’ll see that most of the things we mentioned above are already happening. If you haven’t yet stepped in, it’s high time that you do because believe it or not, a well-maintained online store can do wonders for your business, especially if you follow the trends.

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