How To Make Money By Selling T-Shirt Designs Online!

How to start selling shirts online: The idea of ​​running your own shirt shop to sell shirts is an exciting idea, but before you start your business in the field, you’ll have to roll up your little business sleeves.

There are 4 basic steps you should take to start a successful shirt business:

Find and target your target audience:

In the vast world of e-commerce, a group of other merchants are chasing the same dream. So before you get to design and set up your store, you need to answer a question

Who will buy your shirts?

If you answer “everyone”, you are entering yourself in a dangerous area, because you make your goal very broad and you will end up targeting a specific category.

Doing so will not only cost you money but also time. And who wants it? Since you have already decided to sell your designs or shirts, this is a good start but you probably won’t reach your target audience. Can everyone wear a shirt!

However, you need to narrow your audience further to find a niche product. So you can do that, so:

Select your interests:

Think about what you love and what your audience is interested in (depending on location and environment)
Knowing what these people want is your biggest advantage – you can now generate ideas for products that will be of interest in that region.

You have to do your research:

Now it’s time to look at your audience’s interests and passions on a deeper level.

Find out who your competitors are, and what their strengths and weaknesses are to get a better picture of how to position yourself in the market itself.

Explore the Internet to see local (or global) trends among online shoppers to find a market gap for your niche product.

Trends, Google Trends, Alexa, and Ahrefs can help you with this trip.

Set up an online store:

Once you select your target market and discover the niche of your product, it’s time to set up your store.

Find Design Ideas:

Start by writing down the key features and methods you want your brand to be known for. Then, take some time to polish these ideas to come up with more concrete design concepts.

Setting your business goal:

Being honest with yourself at this very moment can help you make the design search much easier

If you’re looking for permanent design ideas, focus on themes and themes that don’t suit fashion or are of interest to everyone throughout the year

But if starting your online store is your way to test ecommerce water, make seasonal and trending topics the center of your design

If you’re looking for a few, mix your permanent product offer with designs that support a social movement that is currently being discussed.

Explore different design elements:

Your shirt design can come in multiple shapes and shapes.

You can use line drawings, shapes, illustrations, or photographs as a base for your design. But if you think that using one type of item is too restrictive, mix and match different items to create a unique shirt design.

Just remember, even the smallest details in your design can distinguish your product, so for the best result stick to shapes and shapes that are easily recognizable or read up close and remotely.

Print T-shirts:

When looking for design ideas for shirts, you also need to take into account the printing technique, some printing methods are more flexible than others we will talk about it all in the next topic, God willing

Create designs:

Once you formulate your ideas, it’s time to create the actual design. There are several ways to do this

If you have the skills and time, take the challenge of creating your own T-shirt designs. There’s nothing more useful than seeing your idea come to life before your eyes.

 Creating designs is not difficult, you just need to know the existing tools that can help design your idea.

If this is the first time you create something digital design, it’s fair to say that professional software like Adobe Photoshop and others may not be the best option not only because of the price, but also because of the learning curve.

Luckily, there are great free alternatives that provide the basic functionality needed to create designs for your shirts. We’ll talk about them in the next topic

Not everyone has the skills to design and create. If you don’t feel comfortable designing a T-shirt yourself, hand this job over to a professional.

If you have never hired a free designer before, don’t worry, you won’t need to move the mountains to find one.

There are many platforms that will connect you to a talented designer who has the skills to transform your vision for your shirt shop and make it on the ground.

These platforms will also be addressed in the next topic

In this section, we’ll take a look at some of the things you can do to find your first customer faster.

1 – Product Reviews

It’s no secret that product reviews can accelerate sales growth. But what if no single customer has purchased your product yet?

If there is anyone who wants to place a demand on your store without questioning the product, it is your family and friends.

Once you do this, sit down with them to see how their shopping experience was, and of course, ask them to leave a product review.

2 – Provide gifts to increase brand awareness

You need to increase awareness of your brand in order to get more sales, so what is the easiest way to get people interested in you? Make something for free!

Gifts Although a method used since ancient times, it can work wonders and get more attention to your business and products. This is real

3 – Social media presence.

In the online world, you need to keep your business on social media.

As a new store owner, think beyond weekly promotions.
Try to engage with your audience, engage in conversations with them, respond to their comments and motivate them.

4 – Social media influencers.

Another option that deserves attention is effective marketing. You can increase your sales if an opinion leader publicizes your product in front of a professional audience that you usually struggle to reach.

My advice to you:

Build a good product that deserves attention instead of focusing on advertising and profit from it.

5. Re-targeting ads

Once more people start visiting your store, you’ll experience the inevitable: users will browse your product catalogs, or maybe add a product or two to the cart and leave without taking the most important action of buying from you.

>How can you recover that shopper? By running re-targeting campaigns?
Ad re-targeting uses a cookie-based technology to show customized ads to visitors who left your online store without placing an order.

In other words, you can return users to your website by displaying personalized ads on Facebook, Instagram, or Google, or creating a list of email accounts for people who have visited your store and placed email in order to send them ads on the email and occasionally remind them

Determine your prices and shipping rates.

You don’t want to underestimate or overpriced your products.

Therefore, when trying to determine the retail price of your shirts, keep in mind:

– Market prices.
– Competition.
– Production cost.
– Your revenue goals.
– Shipping Method.

For shipping you can look for a suitable company in terms of shipping cost and delivery speed so as not to get into trouble with customers and lose them
Finalize and launch.

Before launching your online store, carefully check if everything is in place and works.

You don’t want to take visitors to a store that has broken images, grammatical errors in product descriptions, or buttons that the user can’t actually play.

Most importantly, testing your purchase is it easy for everyone?

Are the buying steps clear and intuitive? Can you accept payments? What happens once the order is completed?

Once you have answers to all of these questions, your online shirt store is ready to boot


E-commerce today has become stronger than ever, which also means that competition is strong.

As a new and novice online business, you need to look for authenticity to take a step further than other merchants. The easiest way to do this is to create very distinctive designs as well as the quality and quality of the shirts

Finally, be optimistic and patient. If something doesn’t work from the first, fifth or thirty time, stand up and try again.

The only failure is failure to try. Those who made hundreds of thousands of shirts online can confirm.

In the next article I will give you a detailed explanation of each of the above steps you can see the article here

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