How To Make Money With AliExpress 2020?

Ali Express website contains millions of products, how you can profit by selling these products.

The main and most important element of e-commerce is the products and after the presence of the site on the Express has become this task is very easy, through the site Ali Express you can choose some of the distinctive products and then displayed on your e-store after adding a profit margin and you can choose from one of the two ways to do this. Either routes shipping or create your own stock.

Why Ali Express

Ali Express is a giant market that includes millions of products, which are mostly offered directly from the factory, which ensures the price of breathing and you can make profits very easily.

You can order products directly from Ali Express website and send the product directly to the address of your customers without having to buy a special stock and worry about how to implement shipping and this is known as Dropshipping

Not only that, if you are an adventurous type and who wants to make profits up to 400% of each commodity, through the site Ali Express you can buy products in small quantities at an excellent price and free shipping in many times and you receive the products directly and then you can offer These products are on your online store which is known as creating your own inventory from Ali Express.

This method may appear to have a high risk and is of course some risk, but is limited risk It is the advantages of the site on the express is the possibility of obtaining products at great prices without the requirement to buy large quantities, for example 10 pieces to 50 pieces of each product and you can start at ten Pieces of each product and start with 50 products at an average price of $ 5 per product, ie the total amount invested in the products in this case will be 2500 dollars, which is a small amount to start a profitable business compared to any other business you may consider. And what I mentioned here is an example you can start with fewer or more products, but we recommend that the number of products not less than ten products and not more than initially 50 products and you should choose these products very carefully.

All products displayed on the site on the Express contain high quality images you will not need to shoot anything and you can use these images on your store very easily.

There is no subscription or additional expenses you need to pay to get these products only the price of the product offered, which as mentioned above is a very competitive price.

A question arises here.

Why customers buy products from your store while they can buy directly from Ali Express website.

When you sell products from the site on the Express, your competitive advantage in this case is not the best price, or unique products, but is the first access to customers. Yes, first access to customers is a very strong competitive advantage.

Not only this, but good marketing and good description, especially in the Arabic language of the product is another advantage.

Another thing is that having millions of products on the Express site may be difficult to market it and this is the role that you play, you search for the best products in a particular area and then display them directly to your customers on your electronic store and other marketing channels.

In addition, if you decide to use the inventory method, which is the speed of delivery to the customer, it takes 20-30 days on average to deliver the product to the customer in the Arab world. During this time, but will be displayed on your store after arrival to you and in this case you will be able to send these products to your customer within a few days from 2 to 5 working days depending on the shipping company you choose.

Create Your Online Store

Now that we have explained the ways of working and what is the site of the Express, now is the time to set up your e-store as a first step in the establishment of your business.

Choose Niche Market specialty and products

The first step in the beginning of your e-shop or your business sense, is to choose a specialization or what is known as niche market and is simply the quality of the products that you feel eager to sell and if you have not identified a specific niche market will help you list of sections on the site Ali Express on this.


For example, say you have chosen sports shoes to be the specialty of your store, you will find products displayed in this way.

find products

You’ll find thousands of products. If any of these products you have to choose !, I will present here some things you can follow to choose the best products easily.

More than 300 orders: Look for products that have achieved sales of more than 300 This gives you some information, first there is a demand for this product, secondly that the seller is good if not good did not sell this number of a single product. In order to get these products quickly use the order according to the number of orders.


Rating more than 4.5: It is also important to make sure this product is of good quality and this is easily shown by the ratings given by those who bought this product from this supplier and you will find this rating appears in the form of stars.


Seller Rating More than 2 diamonds: Ali Express makes a gradual evaluation of the seller. This assessment ends in 5 diamonds. Be sure to choose products from at least 2 diamonds.

Seller Rating

Low price with a chance to achieve a high profit margin: After all these evaluations recommend choosing products that range between $1 to $20 and this will allow you to add a good profit margin, for example if you find a shoe with these advantages for $10 you can sell for $20 or $30 Your price remains competitive and you have a profit margin of more than 100% and the minimum profit margin is 75%. Do not choose any product you can not add a margin of more than 75%. As mentioned in the case of using the method of creating inventory you can achieve a profit margin of up to 400% This is because you will get a discount when you buy a quantity and also because you will save shipping costs and also recommend to search for products that have the possibility of free shipping in your country and are many.

Many images and high quality of the product: We also add to this list the selection of products that contain many images and high quality show the product of all Zoya and show its characteristics.

high quality of the product

Add products to your online store

Once you have created your online store on The Kibo Code, you can now start adding the products you have selected, but wait a little. Not required here is just copy the product data as it is on the site of Ali Express If you want to put your store in a successful position you have to Add the products carefully and write your own description of the product.

How you can manage the shipping routes on the site of Express

Drop Shipping from Ali Express is easy and in short you make a purchase order for the product from Ali Express after it is purchased from your store and enter your customer address in the purchase order on Ali Express and this will be shipped directly from the merchant to your customer without So that you need to see it, but we will explain here the steps and mention some tips.

It is good that you create an Excel file in which you add these products that you have selected and added in your store just add the product name on your store and the purchase price from the site on the Express and the sale price on your store and a direct link to the product, this way it will be easy for you to access the product and Make a purchase order when the order is received from the customer.


When you place an order, add in the comment to show that you are doing drop shipping so that the merchant will not send any invoices or offers with the order. This is an example of this comment.

drop shipping

How You Can Create Inventory Via Ali Express Website

As we explained, you can choose between the two methods of either inventory creation or either drop shipping and each has its advantages and disadvantages as we explained, and as we explained how to manage the paths of shipping we also explain how to manage and create inventory in an easy way.

After you choose the products make different orders for each product and it is better to do this on the same day until you receive all the products in close times and as we have never mentioned a small amount of ten pieces of each product so you know the best-selling products and then you can re-order Of these products in larger quantities and be careful in this case to choose the products that are available free shipping.

So what do you have to do with products that have not been successful? It is simply offers (discounts) as we mentioned through this way you can achieve a profit margin of up to 400%, but some products will not achieve success in this case you have to make gradual discounts on these products and marketing them in known ways to be sold All of these and you can make these reductions gradually until the cost price or less will not be a loss in this case, the total amount invested is what is calculated from the profit, for example.

If you buy 500 pieces of different products at a cost of $2500 and some of these products have been successful, most of these products will ensure a profit of the total, for example, if you sell 100 pieces profit 300%, your total profits in this case will be approximately $ 3000, you have already made a profit out The amount before selling the rest of the quantity and thus becomes the sale of the remaining products at any profit price and so on and so you can build your business gradually and enlarge your project. But of course, after you sell these unsuccessful products, don’t buy them again and you just have to focus on those that are successful and have a high profit margin.

Important Note: If you are in a country that adds customs or taxes on products, you should know these customs and taxes and also make sure that these products are allowed to enter your country.

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