Social Media Management (Comprehensive Guide 2020)

Managing social media efficiently and effectively in 2020 is inevitable, because these sites alone can help you make excellent profits.

So it’s no wonder you’re looking into this, and that’s why I want to ask you, are you one of those:

– Employer (project – service – dealer), you want to exploit Social Media to increase your profits.
– Employee in a company and want to exploit the sites of communication more professionally.
– Someone looking for the opportunity to work freely and increase his income by managing social media sites for those interested.

If you are one of those or have the same interests, you are in the right place, because in this comprehensive guide to managing social media you will find everything you need to master this necessary skill in 2020.

In this guide you will learn about:

– How to evaluate your current position on social networking sites.
– How to build Buyer Persona for your customers.
– The most important data and indicators that you have to constantly monitor.
– The best tools to help you manage social networking sites.
– How to prepare a comprehensive report to compare the results with the objectives you have set.

This is not all. There are important questions in the mind of anyone who is somewhat new in the field of social media management, perhaps the most famous of these questions are:

Do I need to use funded ads?
What are the best networking sites that I need to focus on?
Do I need a specialized company to help me manage social media sites to achieve results?

In this guide you will find the answer to all these questions and more, and as usual in the site winners all this we show you step-by-step practical examples until you clear the picture in full.

You will find all the information presented to you in the form of steps, if you follow them will achieve the goals you want, but before we start the steps, there are two questions you must know the answer to them accurately.

What Is Social Media Management?

Social Media

The answer to this question is the summary of this guide, so as long as you will be responsible for the management of any account on Social Media you have to know the answer to this question accurately and thoroughly as you indicated.

Social Media Management is:

The process of analyzing your target audience on social media sites and then developing a customized strategy for this audience, starting from the manufacture of appropriate content and distribution to the various accounts on the sites of communication, monitoring the reactions and conversations on these sites, and provide service and support to the public, and cooperation with different influencers on Social networking sites, up to the submission of reports that show the results and return on investment for those interested.

As I noticed the goal of all this is Return on Investment (ROI) K, a word that every entrepreneur or company likes to hear.

The Importance Of Social Media Management

Take a quick look at some of these awesome numbers and statistics about social media in the Middle East:

Number of Facebook users: Egypt (39 million) – Saudi Arabia (15 million) – UAE (8.8 million).

Approximately 25% of users of social networking sites communicate continuously with accounts related to e-commerce.

Almost 77% of e-commerce-based companies use Instagram marketing to promote their products.

These previous statistics were made by many specialized media companies in the world such as Hootsuite.

You should also bear in mind that these statistics are for the past year… And the statistics say: These numbers are increasing at rates that exceeded the expectations of analysts and experts.

All of these statistics and more demonstrate the importance of managing social media and exploiting it properly to increase your profits, and achieve your goals or the goals of the company you work for.

Manage social networking sites step by step

Now let’s start developing the full strategy and tools you need to start using social media properly.

1- Define your goal of being on social media

Whether you are working on your own business, or helping an employer or business to reach a particular goal – determining the purpose of using social media sites is essential.

Goal setting is very important for several reasons, the most important of which are:

– Define the outline and quality of the content to be published.
– Determine the amount of effort required to publish and follow up this content.
– Identify the roles required of the social media accounts manager (you will understand this point later do not worry 😉).
– Know the data to be followed up and collected to ensure that these goals are achieved (which we will also describe in detail later).

Here are the most famous goals with some examples from the ground:

– Build a brand to increase people’s knowledge of the service and products offered (eg Pepsi – major food companies).
– Increase sales volume (example: any online store).
– Provide customer service or after-sales service (eg medical clinic accounts – car companies).

You have to set the goals you want from the social media sites that suit your business, depending on the nature of the business and the possibilities available to you.

You may have only one of the three goals above, or you have all of them. It’s important to know exactly what you want on social media.

2. Select your target audience

This is one of the most important steps in the process of managing social media accounts, it is meant to collect all the data that characterizes the target audience.

Before we mention what these statements are, let me emphasize the importance of this step. When you learn more about your target audience, you will:

– You will understand more the quality of content that suits your audience.
– You’ll be more engaged on the content you post because you address the audience in their language and interests.
– You will build lasting relationships with your audience, making it loyal to your brand, meaning more profits now and in the future.
– You’ll get people’s reactions to what you offer, helping you to evolve continuously.
– You will achieve quick results on your efforts.

Now let’s discuss some of the data and information you need to know about your different audiences:

– Gender Male Female)
– Age
– Occupation
– The problems and challenges that your services can help.
– Some personal natures.
– Interests on different social media – and platforms he prefers.

These data and others – which depend on the quality and size of your business – help to paint a picture of this audience’s character, the so-called Buyer Persona.

All your efforts on the communication sites is to communicate with this character and help them in all possible ways,

3- Evaluate your current position on social media

This step is necessary whether you already have social media accounts, or intend to start this journey.

All you have to do is:

Evaluate all the data on your accounts on the media (the sites you are on – the number of followers – the average interaction with each publication – the rate of publication – the speed of response to customers).

Evaluate the content you were providing (or thinking about) with the characters you have drawn to your target audience.

– Identify people responsible for social media management.
– Consider the possibilities that you intend to provide to the means of communication (working hours – budget, especially if you think of advertising) depending on your goals.
– This step will make you stand on a solid ground, and will make you sketch the first features of your strategy on social networking sites, as it will make you compare your current situation with the results you will achieve in the near future.

4. Identify the best social media for you

What do you think is best for someone who works in law and wants to increase their profits:

– To have an Instagram account?
– To have a Facebook account?
– To have a LinkedIn account?

I think you agree with me that the answer is LinkedIn, simply because business people, employees and business owners are on this platform, which is their target audience.

For example, do you think that a company like Dove for hair and skin care products is more important to be on YouTube and Facebook or on LinkedIn?

That doesn’t mean you can’t be on all platforms, in fact Dove can be on LinkedIn and do well, but we’re talking about priorities.

It depends on the previous steps in which you have identified your audience, places, what content they prefer and also your potential.

That’s not all. You also have to consider the nature of social media platforms themselves.

5. Outline your content (brand)

The most important thing in the world of marketing is to build a brand or your own brand (branding), so as to gain the appreciation of the public and increase confidence in you, so you have to specify the following:

– Your brand sound (official – comic – informative – share community experiences).
– Types of content (photos – videos – articles) and how to produce them by budget and the nature of business itself and the public.
– Content dissemination rate (depending on capabilities and audience).

These lines will enable you to draw a brand for yourself, will also make the content you provide a special character, and the content you provide will be based on the study of the personality of your customers.

Remember that everything is editable based on the results, which we’ll learn how to track in the following steps.

6. Make a time plan for your content according to your marketing plan

This step is the first step in the beginning of the implementation of all the information you collected from the previous steps, which identified your goals from the management of social networking sites.

The content plan consists of the following:

– The duration of the plan itself (often 6 months – adjusted almost every month).
– Publishing rate.
– Determine the tasks of the administrator of social networking sites (whether team or individual).

Let me show you the last point as some examples of tasks required while managing social media:

– Content industry (writing – photography – editing photos and videos – graphics design if any).
– Publish and distribute content (search hashtags – determine the best publishing times and modify the content plan time).
– Respond to customer questions in messages and comments.
– Follow the public’s reactions and monitor what they say about the brand (this only suits large companies and bonds).
– Analyze live results on Social Media (followers – likes – comments – participation).
– Analysis of the results on the business itself (the number of visits to the site – the number of new customers – the number of calls and reservations).

Of course, these tasks depend on the size and nature of the business and also your goals, and we have separated this before, so I told you earlier that goal setting is very important.

This way you will create a balanced and practical content plan that will help you manage your social media accounts efficiently.

7 – Create good content based on the best tools and resources

Creating good content does not require expensive tools and complicated software, just to take advantage of all the possibilities available to you in the best possible way.

To create good content, keep in mind:

– Content must be useful to the public and bring benefit – even if it is just a smile 😊.
– Monitor the content of your competitors and large companies in your industry to get inspired.
– Always keep your brand.
– Always provide in the content a practical demonstration of the quality of what you offer (pictures from reality – videos to your customers thanking what you offer).
– Content must be proportionate to the platform that is being put on it (eg Facebook videos can be long – but Instagram prefers fast videos).
– Do not increase the content you promote your services directly, rather than guidelines and tips for your audience.

Whether you create the content yourself, rely on a member of your team or company, or even hire a specialized company, you should learn about these tools and how to use them.

You should know that most marketers and large companies are now going to be self-reliant in the content industry and not relying on outside services.

8. Use social media management tools

The tools that are used to manage social media sites are important to help you publish content easily, all you have to put videos and photos and determine the time of publication… and these tools will do the rest 👍.

These tools will also make it easier for you to monitor the reactions and collect some important data you need.

Here’s a list of the best of these tools:

Hootsuite tool
Buffer tool

These tools will enable you to manage all the social networking sites you want, and they also offer free accounts, which you can use to compare and choose the best for you.

9. Use analytics to find out the results

This is the most important step in successfully managing social media, analyzing and seeing the results yourself so you can make the right decisions and improve your performance.

If you ask, “What elements do you need to analyze? “… Here’s the answer:

– Number of impressions (Impressions) and the arrival of publications to the largest number of your followers (Reach).
– Number of shares.
– Use Hashtags launched by your brand name (Mentions).
– Traffic volume to your site (Traffic) (or any other means to indicate interested communication with your brand such as calls or messages).
– The volume of leads you have received.
– Sales volume.

If you look carefully, you will find that each of these elements will make you evaluate what you have done to achieve the goals you set at first… That’s why I told you that goal setting is the key step.

If you are asking what tools you should rely on to collect this data accurately, all you need is just three:

– Google Analytics (as long as you own a site, this tool gives you all the data you need about what visitors do on your site and who came to your site).
– Analytics tools for each social media site (Facebook analytics – Youtube Analytics -Instagram insights – and others).

These tools will find details not found in the others, but your account must be business, not personal in order to use these tools.

A tool for reporting and tracking results (you can use Google sheets – Microsoft Excel) or any similar tool to collect all the data and numbers you mentioned.

You should know that social networking sites give you all these tools completely free, because they want to exploit their sites in the best possible way… so that they also make profits from your dependence on them 😎.

10. Provide customer service and respond to your followers

Customer service is unfortunately not well delivered by many business owners in the Arab world, although it is the most important stage in the marketing process.

Because you will be relying on social networking sites to reach your customers, you must also provide them with everything they need on these sites… In order to achieve this you must:

– The social media administrator should be fully aware of the products and services you offer.
– There must be specific dates for the provision of support service.
– Document information and frequently asked questions that come to you constantly to save yourself time.
– Communicate with clients professionally and as quickly as possible and also friendly.
– Use the Bots provided by these sites to communicate with customers, and respond to known questions (place – opening times – prices).

In this way you provide excellent customer service on social media… And believe me if you do that you will get many customers and profits because people love to share good experiences.

And if you want to know how to use Bots in social networking sites, especially Facebook, tell us in the comments, and we will publish a full guide on this matter, God willing

11 – Follow the market and everything new

You should keep track of what’s new around you, which is relevant to your industry and also to your audience such as:

– Holidays and events (such as Eid al-Adha – the beginning of the school year).
– Launch new services in your field or areas of interest to your audience.
– Follow up on new trends in content (such as the recently published VELFIE term – which expresses selfies but in the form of video 😅).
– Follow new designs in the content.

In order to do this, the person in charge of social media management must be a good follower of Social Media, as well as a constant communication between him and the marketing and sales department.

The most important tools you can exploit are:

– Google Trends.
– Twitter Deck tool.
– Search for Top Hashtags in your field and in networking sites in general.

After that, you should try in a smart way to exploit these events and trends in your content industry, so your audience is more and more connected to you.

12. Prepare a full report on the results

This step is to aggregate all important data and put it against targets, to see:

– Goals achieved.
– Unfulfilled goals (with reasons given).
– Points to improve on content based on analysis of results.
– Proposed ideas for improving the service or product offered (based on your audience’s feedback and problems).

The preparation of these reports is very simple, you can put them in a presentation format, or in any image that suits you and your business.

And I want to note that it is very simple, it does not complicate things the most important thing to have all the data and recommendations to return them when you need them.

With time and experience, you’ll create your own templates, so writing and drafting reports is as quick and easy as possible, whether you have a marketing department or work alone.

13. Modify your content plan based on results

This step is just a reminder to you: the plan and goals you set can be modified at any time based on the data and information you have collected.

14. Identify the importance of using advertising

One of the most important means of promotion on social networking sites is to rely on paid advertising, especially Facebook platform, which represents the most followed site of Arabs, especially Egyptians.

Paid ads on social media offer you many possibilities and options:

– You can precisely identify the audience you want to target (age – job – interests – habits).
– You can test more ads until you find the best content as soon as possible.
– You can find a new audience that you want your prank to offer, or target an audience that already knows you with new offers and information.

And many other options, explicitly right now ads are indispensable to you, not a requirement at first, but you have to exploit them as quickly.

You have to try for yourself the power and usefulness of these ads, and don’t worry it’s not as hard as some think… everything you can learn by experimenting.

You can also use social media management companies to manage your ads or accounts in general… but I advise you to do so only on condition.

Be fully aware of all the above steps… in other words you should try yourself to know the details and outlines, so that these companies do not fool you.

Some social media management companies unfortunately exploit the lack of knowledge of customers the nature of these sites and how to manage them, and often get a huge amount of money, although the work is very simple.

This is not the only reason. When you try yourself, you will be able to evaluate the work that these companies offer you, because you know all the steps and tools, and this puts you in a position of strength, and you will not be at the mercy of anyone.

If these companies stop working or any disagreement, you can follow up on your own so that your business is not exposed to any problem until you find another company or alternative solution.

You should know that managing social media properly is indispensable, and must be done in a smart and efficient way so as not to waste your time and effort.

Worse still, waste yourself the opportunities to exploit these sites to increase your profits and enlarge your project … Especially now that you have everything you need to achieve your goals … Do not agree with me?

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